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Family health care costs dipped last year, but it’s not why you might think

For the first time in 16 years, health care costs for a family of four dropped.  But it’s not because health

New parents take home more than their bundle of joy. Some get surprise medical bills

Pregnant women spend on average $4,500 out of pocket on maternity care including blood tests

Want to retire? Make sure you check out the latest health care cost estimates first.

There’s no question that health care (finding it and paying for it) is a big factor when it comes to our decisions

The latest COVID-19 treatment? Scientists think it may be older, cheaper drugs.

We’ve heard a lot about promising treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 the past year. What we rarely hear,

New report exposes ‘broken’ system that led to high insulin prices

A “broken” system has allowed insulin prices to soar in recent years by rewarding companies for raising costs on a

Should drug company charity contributions be more transparent to combat opioid epidemic?

Pharmaceutical companies have given millions to charity organizations since 1997, which seems great.

Mar 12
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Oregonians willing to use tele-health but don’t want to pay the same as in-person doctor’s visit

We’ve all had to become more flexible during this past pandemic year and that includes how we get our health care.

Despite Medicare drug benefit, some seniors spend thousands each year

Congress has taken some steps to fix problems with the Medicare prescription drug benefit introduced in 2006. For

Retail prescription spending expected to outpace all other health care spending through 2026

As health care costs continue to rise, many Americans face difficult decisions about their health and financial

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