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Lawmakers call new Alzheimer’s drug price “unconscionable”

The first Alzheimer’s drug to pass the FDA’s finish line in nearly 20 years — and the only one that will

From 10 cents to $2 a pill: the program that sent Rx costs soaring and what’s being done to fix it

Chuck Peterson was hit by sticker shock when he went to buy a needed prescription for his arthritis: A two-month

The latest COVID-19 treatment? Scientists think it may be older, cheaper drugs.

We’ve heard a lot about promising treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 the past year. What we rarely hear,

New report exposes ‘broken’ system that led to high insulin prices

A “broken” system has allowed insulin prices to soar in recent years by rewarding companies for raising costs on a

Should drug company charity contributions be more transparent to combat opioid epidemic?

Pharmaceutical companies have given millions to charity organizations since 1997, which seems great.

Drugmakers start 2021 with price increases. Anybody feel like celebrating?

Several drugmakers in the U.S. raised prices on more than 300 drugs on January 1, according to drugmakers and data

The opioid industry wants you to use more pain meds

A new investigation found that the opioid industry really wants you to treat pain with medication.

Drug’s hefty price tag ignores major investment from federal taxpayers

On June 29, Gilead announced the price tag per treatment of remdesivir, a drug repurposed for treatment of COVID-19.

Americans pay far more for insulin that consumers in other countries

A new study from the Rand Corporation underscores what many U.S. consumers who take insulin have long suspected: They

Despite Medicare drug benefit, some seniors spend thousands each year

Congress has taken some steps to fix problems with the Medicare prescription drug benefit introduced in 2006. For

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