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New parents take home more than their bundle of joy. Some get surprise medical bills

Pregnant women spend on average $4,500 out of pocket on maternity care including blood tests

The pandemic is fueling a rise in ‘surprise’ medical bills

As if the worry of a worldwide pandemic wasn’t enough, the worry of “surprise” medical bills is still

New ‘surprise’ medical bills include a ‘COVID’ fee

Americans are discovering a new medical-related charge that some are referring to as a ‘COVID’ fee. For Michael

Surprise medical bills increase costs for everyone

A ‘surprise’ medical bill often occurs when a patient has a hospital procedure or visits an emergency room and is

Hospital takes $38k from women’s inheritance to pay for late-brother’s medical bill

When Doris Hutchinson sold her late mother’s house, she planned to use the money to pay her grandchildren’s

Life-saving rabies treatment can cost as much as $10,000 plus hospital fees

As if having a bat in your house isn’t bad enough, imagine the fright from a $6,017 emergency room bill for rabies

Our top five posts about surprise hospital bills in 2017

The last thing anybody wants to think about when visiting the hospital is the cost. It gets worse when the bill

Ambulance rides often stick patients with high bills

When it comes to surprise medical bills, ambulances are often the most shocking Roman Barshay had a bad fall while

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