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Voices for Affordable Health is based in the Pacific Northwest. We primarily deliver consumer emails to state capitols in Olympia, Salem, Boise and Salt Lake City.
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Senators Cantwell and Murray need your help

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Congress allocated more money to help Americans afford health insurance. But that federal help is set to expire unless your representatives in Washington, D.C. hear from you ASAP!

We are fortunate to have champions like Washington’s U.S. Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, who are working on the issue. But they need your support and help. Click below to send a message.



Senators Wyden and Merkley need your help

Oregon’s U.S. Senators want to make sure that funding Congress passed to help Americans afford health insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t expire.

Click below to send a message to your representatives in Washington, D.C. Millions of families nationwide could lose health care coverage if Congress doesn’t act.



Keep the pressure on! Tell Congress to lower prescription drug costs

It’s hard to imagine how much $576.9 BILLION really is. But we do know that’s how much consumers in the United States spent on prescription drugs last year.

That total reflected a 7.7% jump from 2020.

Many Idaho residents, particularly senior citizens, say they are already forced to choose between filling a prescription and buying food. That’s a choice no one should have to make. Click below to send a message today!



Utah’s families and seniors deserve Rx cost relief

Members of Congress say they want to do something to lower the costs of prescription drugs. Here’s your chance to ask them to keep their campaign promises.

Use the link below to email your elected representatives in Washington, D.C. today! Tell them that seniors and families in Utah deserve Rx cost relief!


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