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Voices for Affordable Health is based in the Pacific Northwest. We deliver consumer emails to your elected representatives in Olympia, Salem, Boise, Salt Lake City and Washington, D.C.
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Voices for Affordable Health supports transparency in drug pricing and encourages the Health Care Authority to ensure that the state’s new Prescription Drug Affordability Board embraces both transparency and flexibility in helping consumers, their providers and insurers manage prescription drug costs. Voices is also fighting for access to mental health and addiction services and against anti-competitive practices when it comes to hospital/provider contracting.


With a new governor, new legislative leadership and new members of the House and Senate in 2023, it’s imperative for our elected leaders to understand the impact of well-intentioned benefit mandates on health care costs. Voices for Affordable Health is also standing strong against Big Pharma lobbyists, including supporting more transparency for patient Rx assistance programs.


We support the work of Imagine Idaho, a broad coalition of community leaders dedicated to making sure every Idahoan has access to reliable and affordable broadband that can be used for everything to education, to telemedicine to precision agriculture. We are also pushing back on costly government mandates and support greater transparency in prescription drug pricing.


We support improved access to care, both physical health care and mental health care through technology and other means. We are also actively working with other partners to find meaningful solutions to rising prescription drug costs.

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