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Voices for Affordable Health is based in the Pacific Northwest. We primarily deliver consumer emails to state capitols in Olympia, Salem, Boise and Salt Lake City.
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Advocates persuade lawmakers to hold the line on health care costs

When Washington’s 2021 Legislature considered a number of health care policy changes that were well-intentioned, but would have raised consumer costs, advocates used Voices for Affordable Health digital tools to send more than 8,000 emails and texts to their elected representatives in Olympia.

Thanks, in part, to those efforts, lawmakers rejected a new tax on health care premiums and other measures that would have increased health care costs for businesses and consumers who were already struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.


Consumers defeat Big Pharma

Voices for Affordable Health mobilized to defeat a bill introduced in the 2021 Legislature and backed by the pharmaceutical industry. Senate Bill 560 would have made it easier for Big Pharma to raise prescription drug prices.
Voices for Affordable Health Advocates delivered more than 3,000 emails asking their state senators and representatives to reject this bill.

Big Pharma lost. Consumers won. Thank you for sharing your stories and taking action.


Watching telehealth rules, costs

Voices for Affordable Health monitored several pieces of legislation concerning telehealth, which includes health care delivered via video, phone or email.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, use of telehealth services in Idaho and nationwide increased dramatically and regulations were lifted to expand access. Looking ahead, questions center on whether expanded access to telehealth should be permanent. Which ones? And at what cost?

Voices for Affordable Health supports telehealth policies that give consumers access to appropriate virtual services at an affordable cost. We’ll be watching how the issue develops in Idaho and elsewhere.


Monitoring Rx prices

Voices for Affordable Health is monitoring efforts by Utah lawmakers to address prescription drug prices and benefits.

In 2021 lawmakers restored funding for the Insurance Department to regulate insulin access, and to study price increases of other prescription drugs. For 2022, we expect further examination of Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs), copay assistance programs, and the distribution of manufacturer rebates. We are committed to working on policies that lower the high overall costs of prescription drugs.

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