Nov 7

What do Taylor Swift tickets and hospital bills have in common? Hidden “junk” fees.

In a time where every dollar counts, hidden service fees, surprise charges and misleading expenses are infiltrating

Nov 7

An Olympian’s most recent challenge: the American health care system

When you hear about an Olympian like Mary Lou Retton grappling with a rare form of pneumonia

Nov 7

Big changes to Medicare: Capped costs, lower insulin prices, and free vaccines

Millions of people on Medicare Part D are about to see some big changes, as AARP reports. The most anticipated change

Nov 7

It’s not over yet! Drug companies challenge Medicare drug price negotiation rule

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 that Congress passed and President Biden signed into law promised to reduce

Nov 6

Medicare households burdened with high health care costs

Are you concerned about the rising cost of health care as you get older? You’re not alone.

Oct 2

Seniors reveal top health care concerns and food insecurity tops the list

One year ago, seniors were most concerned about their mental health. Now – they worry most about their lack of

Oct 2

The hidden health care price tag: how much are you overpaying for procedures?

We all have routine screenings we need to schedule – mammograms, colonoscopies, etc. But did you know where you have

Oct 2

Charged for an email? It’s happening to patients who are asking about new symptoms

Today many of us email our doctor when we have questions or new health symptoms. Isn’t technology making our lives

Oct 2

Medical debt could soon be eliminated from data impacting credit scores

The Biden administration is taking a major step to shield Americans from a side effect of medical debt – damaged

Sep 11

Cracking the code: Unveiling Pharma’s tactics behind sky-high drug prices

Ever wondered why prescription drugs are so expensive in the United States? It’s not just about research costs.

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