Feb 14

Should a Mammogram at a Hospital-Owned Facility Cost More Than the Same Test at an Independent Clinic?

For decades, Medicare has paid hospitals – including hospital-owned physician clinics that may not be physically

Feb 13

Latest Survey: Nearly Half of American Adults Struggle with Health Care Costs

Voices for Affordable Health often hears from consumers who are not filling a prescription or not seeing their doctor

Feb 13

Why Does a Drug Prescribed in the U.S. Cost 10X More Than in France?

Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent U.S. Senator from Vermont, is a frequent and outspoken critic of the

Jan 16

Surprise Medical Bills: Vaccine Edition

Val Davis, a 67-year-old record holding powerlifter from Oregon, takes her health seriously.

Jan 16

The Cost of More Than 500 Medications is Expected to Rise with the New Year

We all make plans for the New Year. Big Pharma has plans, too. They include raising costs on your prescription

Jan 16

Private Equity Firms are Scooping Up Local Hospitals, and Patients are Paying the Price

Voices For Affordable Health has reported how costs rise when private equity firms invest in your local hospital. Now

Jan 16

Insulin Prices Drop: A Win for Diabetes Care

If you’ve been worried about the rising costs of health care, here’s some good news: Sanofi

Jan 16

CVS Switching Prescription Pricing Model

Have you ever wondered how companies come up with the prices affixed to prescription drugs? Now

Dec 8

Avoiding High Costs for Routine Lab Tests: A Patient’s Story

Imagine receiving a bill of $2,400 for routine lab work. Reesha Ahmed, a 32-year-old woman from Venus, Texas

Dec 8

Stay prepared for the winter holidays: free COVID-19 tests are back

Just in time for the cold weather and the holidays, the U.S. government is offering to send another round of four free

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