May 2

Which Rx brands were the top ad-spenders last year? Hint: You’ve probably seen their commercials

Many of us visited our doctor’s offices or surgery centers only if absolutely necessary during the pandemic. That

May 2

8 reasons our health care costs will continue to rise

Americans’ health care costs took a short dip during the pandemic, largely because most of us stayed home and

Apr 19

What goes up and up? American’s spending for prescription drugs

It’s hard to imagine how much $576.9 BILLION really is. But we do know that’s how much consumers in the United

Apr 8

The cost of brand name drugs keeps rising – and Medicare is footing the bill

Check out the 10 cost-drivers: Inflation is rising, but the cost of something is rising even faster – brand name

Mar 31

Inflation brings higher food, gas, health care costs. And get ready for that to last a while.

A new study projects that inflation is driving health care costs higher than they already are – and will have a

Mar 25

Congress considers capping insulin costs, allowing Medicare to negotiate price

To curb the escalating costs of health care, the Senate is working on legislation that would limit the cost of insulin

Mar 10

Medicare premiums rise, tracking higher Rx and provider costs

Consumers enrolled in Medicare Part B experienced sticker shock this past year, as the journal Medical Economics

Mar 4

Health care costs rose faster than inflation in Washington State

If you live in Washington state and feel as though you spent a lot more on health care the past several years, it’s

Feb 22

Beware of bogus COVID-19 testing sites

As if there isn’t enough to worry about right now, Modern Healthcare reports the existence of fraudulent mobile

Feb 16

Consumer alert! California attorney general says healthcare “sharing” ministry scammed thousands

An Atlanta-based company that operates as an unregulated healthcare “sharing” ministry has run afoul of

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