Sep 17

Insulin-makers admit cost is too high, but no relief in sight

It was 2019. Remember those days before the pandemic? That’s when the three companies that control production of 99

Sep 3

The Big Business of Trauma: Man who fell off a ladder and cut his arm was billed more than $52,000

Ed Knight took a tumble off a ladder and cut his arm. He went to Chippenham Hospital in Richmond, Virginia

Hundreds of patients surprised by lawsuit filed by now non-existent hospital

Tennova Healthcare-Lebanon in Tennessee isn’t a hospital anymore. It doesn’t exist after Vanderbilt University

Family health care costs dipped last year, but it’s not why you might think

For the first time in 16 years, health care costs for a family of four dropped.  But it’s not because health

Lawmakers call new Alzheimer’s drug price “unconscionable”

The first Alzheimer’s drug to pass the FDA’s finish line in nearly 20 years — and the only one that will

New parents take home more than their bundle of joy. Some get surprise medical bills

Pregnant women spend on average $4,500 out of pocket on maternity care including blood tests

Jul 15

Appendicitis ruled out, but the hospital bill was a big pain

Each month, National Public Radio and the Kaiser Health Network report on an outrageous medical bill. And if you

Jul 9

Nearly 70% of Congress cashed a check from Big Pharma before the 2020 election

There are 505 members of Congress, and according to a new analysis of records by STAT, 374 of them cashed a check from

Advocacy at their fingertips: Nursing homes residents are Zooming into the Capitol

When the pandemic shut down the world, nursing homes did not allow outside visitors. Instead

Want to retire? Make sure you check out the latest health care cost estimates first.

There’s no question that health care (finding it and paying for it) is a big factor when it comes to our decisions

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