Nov 14

Has your physician mentioned biosimilars?

FDA-approved medications may offer lower-cost options Approved for use in the United States in 2015

Nov 9

New study finds insulin rationing incredibly common and incredibly dangerous

More than 1.3 million American adults with diabetes ration their insulin – meaning they skip doses or take less than

Nov 9

$38,398 for just one shot of a very old cancer med. How can this happen?

Paul Hinds agreed to get a physical at the urging of his new girlfriend. It was a fortunate decision

Oct 25

Say what? You can now buy a hearing aid without a prescription

Americans with mild to moderate hearing loss can now buy hearing aids over the counter without a physical exam,

Oct 25

Hospital investors expect big profits, even from labor and delivery

Women who have had a healthy pregnancy can experience false labor but believe it’s the real thing.

Oct 20

New report: Hospitals still hiding their prices from patients

Despite new federal rules intended to make hospitals more transparent and accountable, a new analysis by

Oct 17

Yes, inflation is high. But prices on 1,000+ prescription drugs rose even higher

A new report from the federal Department of Health and Human Services finds that prices of 1

The cost of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine could soon jump from $16 to $100 a shot

When Moderna rolled out its COVID-19 vaccine, it charged the government $15-$16.50 a shot. Now that the pandemic has

Oct 7

#1 Private Equity’s latest target? Eye care.

You pay for add-ons and upgrades at the movie theater, on a plane and even in health care. Now

Sep 19

One accident. One location. Why was one ambulance bill three times the other?

Voices for Affordable Health has shared many stories about consumers stuck with outrageous ambulance bills. But we had

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