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The cost of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine could soon jump from $16 to $100 a shot

When Moderna rolled out its COVID-19 vaccine, it charged the government $15-$16.50 a shot. Now that the pandemic has

Oregon bill would cap Rx costs and Big Pharma is putting up a fight

Prescription drugs are simply too expensive for many of us. Now, Oregon lawmakers are getting the message. Senate Bill

New report exposes ‘broken’ system that led to high insulin prices

A “broken” system has allowed insulin prices to soar in recent years by rewarding companies for raising costs on a

Should drug company charity contributions be more transparent to combat opioid epidemic?

Pharmaceutical companies have given millions to charity organizations since 1997, which seems great.

Retail prescription spending expected to outpace all other health care spending through 2026

As health care costs continue to rise, many Americans face difficult decisions about their health and financial

Big Pharma doesn’t just buy doctors’ lunches, industry writes their textbooks

Most consumers have never heard of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, a bulky, two-volume textbook that is

Oregon governor signs bill targeting rising prescription drug prices

Pharmaceutical manufacturers must disclose their reasons for raising the price of a drug by more than 10 percent under

Pharma spends $50 billion tax windfall to lower costs? Not even close.

Pharmaceutical industry will dedicate windfall to boosting stock prices Turns out, they’re helping themselves. Nine

Oregonians! Your Voice is needed now to rein in rising prescription drug prices

The Oregon Legislature is considering House Bill 4005, which would require pharmaceutical companies to justify to the

Big Pharma launches secretive campaign to kill Oregon drug transparency bill

How far will the pharmaceutical industry go to protect its giant profits? An investigation by the Eugene (Oregon)

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