May 4

Pharmaceutical industry ally says hospitals, not Pharma, to blame for rising health care costs

Pharmaceutical companies are receiving intense scrutiny and criticism for raising prescription drug prices. But some,

May 2

Misdiagnosis is more common than you think

A new study found more than 20 percent of patients who asked for a second opinion, received a misdiagnosis by their

Apr 20

Reporting of prescription drug side effects is on the rise

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration received more than 1 million reports of drug side effects in 2015

Apr 18

Hospital charges new parents $1,420 for 2 hours of babysitting

Cortes received a hospital bill with a $1,420 nursery charge after their baby to spent a couple of hours in the

Apr 13

New study shows the more informed you are, the better your surgical outcome

Have you ever had questions or concerns about a medical procedure but gone ahead with it

Apr 11

Oregon hospitals fight legislation allowing lower-cost stays at ambulatory care centers

Several states have adopted rules allowing patients to recover from outpatient surgery in “extended stay” centers,

Apr 6

U.S. government may have what it needs to force down rising Rx drug prices

Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, thinks government can effectively lower prescription drug costs by exercising the patent

Apr 4

Prescription drug costs are on the rise, pharmaceutical industry ad spending is up, too

How many times have you watched TV and seen a commercial for a prescription

Mar 28

Is a health screen right for you?

A health screening can spot a problem or chronic condition early, usually before you start showing symptoms. But

Mar 27

New website empowers seniors to manage aging issues

Dr. Lee Ann Lindquist started a website, www.planyourlifespan.org, to help prepare seniors for the emergencies and

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