Mar 16

Tips to help ease the pain of medical expenses

Medical expenses are most common in the first few months of the year, with a median payment of $1,143

Mar 15

Talk with your doctor, if you’re worried about taking a narcotic painkiller

Despite news reports portraying the tragic consequences of a national opioid epidemic, a new NPR-Truven Health

Mar 14

Yelp and your doctor: Are online reviews useful?

Americans rely on online ratings and consumer reviews for almost everything, from restaurants to hotels and even new

Mar 13

Investigative journalists find Big Pharma pays professors to help justify expensive drugs

After reporters at ProPublica investigated how the industry is defending rising drug costs, Big Pharma is launching a

Mar 9

Democrats introduce legislation to allow pharmaceutical imports

U.S. consumers are asking why they can't legally buy pharmaceutical drugs that have been manufactured in Canada,

Mar 8

When it comes to heart attacks, women truly are different

We have heard for some time that women’s heart-attack symptoms are very different from men’s

Mar 7

Frustrated patient files $15 billion lawsuit against pharmaceutical drug industry

Ohio man who filed a $15 billion class-action lawsuit accusing the pharmaceutical industry of conspiring to drive up

Mar 6

Advice from an expert: “If your medicine is expired, don’t use it”

If you take a headache pill or over-the-counter cold medicine months or even years past the expiration date, it’s

Mar 3

Consumers voice concerns about prescription drug costs

Rising prescription drug costs are a top issue for consumers sharing their stories through Voices for Affordable

Mar 1

An old drug gets new price and congressional investigation

Marathon Pharmaceuticals has delayed plans to market an old drug under a new label after outrage that the company's

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