Feb 16

Five ways to lower your prescription drug costs

Here are five ways to help lower your prescription drug

Feb 15

Big Pharma launches ad campaign to change its public image

After taking hits in the media and Congress, the pharmaceutical industry has unveiled a multi-year,

Feb 14

The 5 types of doctors most likely to send you a “surprise” medical bill

Surprise medical bills often result from emergency situations or when your primary doctor calls in an out-of-network

Feb 10

Struggling with medical debt? You’re not alone

More than half of Americans in debt are struggling to pay medical

Feb 9

You may suffer high blood pressure even if it’s not detected during doctor visit

“White Coat hypertension” happens when anxious patients visit the doctor and their blood pressure

Feb 8

Health care costs vary nationwide and Oregon ranks higher than other regions

Oregon health care prices were 17 percent above average, according to a report by the Network for Regional Healthcare

Feb 7

Investigation finds pharmaceutical companies profit from “orphan” drug rules

Some drug companies reaped unanticipated profits from the "orphan" drug rule, intended to make sure medications are

Feb 6

People Are Talking: Retirees take action by sharing their prescription drug stories

Rising prescription drug prices directly affect many within the Voices for Affordable Health community. Our posts

Feb 3

Number of families struggling to pay medical bills drops

The number of families with trouble paying medical bills dropped 22 percent in the last five years

Feb 2

Consumers sue drug companies, Congress considers its options

Consumers frustrated by high prescription drug costs are asking both the courts and Congress to find a

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