Feb 6

People Are Talking: Retirees take action by sharing their prescription drug stories

Rising prescription drug prices directly affect many within the Voices for Affordable Health community. Our posts

Feb 3

Number of families struggling to pay medical bills drops

The number of families with trouble paying medical bills dropped 22 percent in the last five years

Feb 2

Consumers sue drug companies, Congress considers its options

Consumers frustrated by high prescription drug costs are asking both the courts and Congress to find a

Feb 1

Does quality of care suffer when a patient or family member is rude?

There are plenty of reasons to show courtesy and respect, and a new study adds one more: When the parent of a

Jan 30

Can’t afford the EpiPen? Now there’s a lower-cost alternative

The EpiPen drew consumer outcry after its price jumped by 400 percent in eight years. CVS Pharmacies is now selling a

Jan 27

Packing a week of exercise into your weekend may still have its benefits

The World Health Organization and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommend 150 minutes of moderate

Jan 25

U.S. cancer death rate drops 25 percent since 1991: Here’s what you should know

According to a new report from the American Cancer Society, the rate of new cancer diagnoses and cancer deaths is down

Jan 23

New Medicare report provides another reason to rein in drug prices

Federal payments for Medicare Part D catastrophic coverage have tripled since 2010, according to a new government

Jan 20

Which state ranked as the nation’s healthiest in 2016?

America’s Health Rankings Annual Report is the longest-running annual assessment of the health status for each

Jan 19

A case where bigger isn’t better – Americans’ Rx spending vs. the rest of the world

America’s per capita spending in prescription drugs is more than double the average of our peers and the highest in

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