Jan 23

New Medicare report provides another reason to rein in drug prices

Federal payments for Medicare Part D catastrophic coverage have tripled since 2010, according to a new government

Jan 20

Which state ranked as the nation’s healthiest in 2016?

America’s Health Rankings Annual Report is the longest-running annual assessment of the health status for each

Jan 19

A case where bigger isn’t better – Americans’ Rx spending vs. the rest of the world

America’s per capita spending in prescription drugs is more than double the average of our peers and the highest in

Jan 18

Increased drug prices force many to buy outside the U.S.

As drug prices in the United States have ballooned, millions have resorted to a less-than-legal solution: Buying

Jan 17

Idaho, Washington among states suing pharmaceutical companies over drug prices

While consumers are voicing dismay about rising drug prices, state governments are going to court in search of a

Jan 13

New websites help Medicare and Medicaid consumers compare rehab/acute care hospitals

New websites put data into an easy-to-use format for consumers to find the best possible rehab or acute care

Jan 12

Pokémon GO won’t help you get more exercise, but these five tips will

Pokémon GO users do not get more exercise than those who do not play the game, Harvard University researchers have

Jan 11

Pharmacy sticker shock: Prices rise for top-selling U.S. drugs

The average price of brand-name drugs jumped by 164 percent between 2008 and 2015, compared to a 12 percent increase

Jan 10

Want to live longer? Consider a woman doctor

Elderly patients with women doctors are less likely to die within 30 days of hospital admission

Jan 9

Visiting the ER late at night could cost you more

In addition to regular ER fees, some patients see $30 to $200 tacked onto their bill for visiting late at night,

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