Struggling with medical debt? You’re not alone

February 10, 2017

piggy-bank-621068_1280More than half of Americans in debt are struggling to pay medical bills.

Health care expenses represent the most common reason debt collectors contact U.S. consumers, according to a study by the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Between December 2014 and March 2015, consumers were asked about their experiences over the past year with debt collectors. Fifty-nine percent contacted by a debt collector said it was related to a medical bill. That compares to 37 percent who said they had an overdue phone bill and 28 percent who reported struggling to keep up with utility bills.

Unlike other types of debt, people with medical debt represented a range of income levels, credit scores and ages, Kaiser Health News reports.

So what can you do?

Review 10  “Tactics to Deal with Medical Debt” recently posted by The Balance, a personal finance news site.  Voices for Affordable Health also offers a Resources list to help consumers with medical billing issues. Share your medical billing story or tips with us at .