Sep 14

5 tips for claiming a more active role with your doctor

[column md=”6″]Be prepared for your doctor’s appointment. Sounds simple. In practice

Sep 12

FDA backlog keeps lower-priced generic drugs from reaching consumers

Members of Congress calling for more affordable alternatives to high-priced drugs are demanding that the Food and Drug

Sep 6

New study pins rising prescription drug prices on “government-protected monopolies”

[column md=”6″] [/column] [column md=”6″] Prescription medicines account for an ever larger

Sep 1

Retiring in 2016? Better have (lots of) money stuffed under the mattress

A 65-year-old couple retiring in 2016 will need to have an estimated $260,000 in savings to cover health care costs

Aug 30

Consumers demand relief from soaring cost of the life-saving EpiPen

So many consumers are complaining about the dramatic increases in the price of the EpiPen that key U.S. Senators are

Aug 24

New study links your health to your access to a pharmacist

The distance between you and your nearest pharmacy may be a factor in whether you are readmitted to the hospital

Aug 22

Cutting costs without sacrificing quality: Consumers weigh in

[column md=”6″][/column] [column md=”6″]When it comes to health care

Aug 19

Telehealth can deliver high-quality, affordable care

Delivering medical care via real-time video or remote physician monitoring has a promising future

Aug 17

Ask a nurse

The five most common health care cost questions people ask Carolyn Espinoza, RN, a nurse case manager for Regence

Aug 11

Confident, involved patients get better care, lower costs

The more active the role patients take in their health care, the more likely they are to receive high-quality care at

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