Jun 8

Two prescription gels to ease pain & promote healing. One costs $3,615 and the other $21. Unbelievable but true.

Some of us have shelled out big bucks for a department store wrinkle cream only to find it doesn’t work any better

May 28

Free COVID-19 Testing? Not exactly. Hospitals charged your insurer

As COVID-19 spread, the demand for testing increased. Some 400 million tests and counting have been issued

May 18

Hidden ‘COVID fees’ may be illegal

If you’ve visited the hospital, doctor’s office, dentist, or in some cases even restaurants during the pandemic,

From 10 cents to $2 a pill: the program that sent Rx costs soaring and what’s being done to fix it

Chuck Peterson was hit by sticker shock when he went to buy a needed prescription for his arthritis: A two-month

Apr 30

An Oregon bill could cap Rx costs. Big Pharma is spending an unbelievable amount to stop it

Oregon lawmakers are considering Senate Bill 844, which we’ve told you about before. It would create a state

Apr 20

Same doctor, same treatment— but her bill was 10 times higher

A billing change sent one woman’s hospital bill soaring—from $30 to $1,394, according to KHN.

Oregon bill would cap Rx costs and Big Pharma is putting up a fight

Prescription drugs are simply too expensive for many of us. Now, Oregon lawmakers are getting the message. Senate Bill

The latest COVID-19 treatment? Scientists think it may be older, cheaper drugs.

We’ve heard a lot about promising treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 the past year. What we rarely hear,

New report exposes ‘broken’ system that led to high insulin prices

A “broken” system has allowed insulin prices to soar in recent years by rewarding companies for raising costs on a

Should drug company charity contributions be more transparent to combat opioid epidemic?

Pharmaceutical companies have given millions to charity organizations since 1997, which seems great.

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