Sep 11

Prescription price shock: Unveiling the truth behind soaring Medicare drug costs

Imagine relying on Medicare to cover your prescription drugs, only to discover that the prices have ballooned beyond

Sep 11

Navigating the rising costs of elder care: A looming challenge for American families

As the baby boomer generation ages, the financial burden of caring for older adults is becoming a pressing concern for

Aug 29

Breaking news: Biden administration takes bold step to lower drug costs for seniors

Pursuing its plan to reduce prescription drug costs, the Biden administration revealed the first 10 drugs that will be

Aug 21

Report: Majority of Oregon hospitals aren’t following price transparency law

A recent report by PatientRightsAdvocate.org on the federal Hospital Price Transparency Rule revealed that a whopping

Aug 21

A hard pill to swallow: supplement company sued for misleading claims

A dietary supplement company making big claims about curing serious illnesses is now in some hot water. Evig LLC, also

Aug 18

Hospital Mergers and Patient Care: Striking the Right Balance

A new study looks at what happens when smaller hospitals are purchased by larger health systems.

Jul 26

Nonprofit: a legitimate status for hospitals or a way to avoid paying taxes?

Nonprofit hospitals are on alert after a hospital in Pennsylvania lost its nonprofit status – but it wasn’t

Jul 26

Private equity firms may own your doctor. What does that mean for you?

A new report shows private equity investors are snatching up physician practices and jacking up the costs. In more

Jul 5

Fact or fiction: Pets save us when it comes to health care costs?

We know pets make us happier and may bring health care benefits to our lives. Now there’s a new claim that

Jul 5

The sport of the summer may be fun, but it may be more dangerous than we think

Pickleball might be the sport of the summer – but be careful! According to CNN, Americans are projected to spend

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