Mar 6

Drugmaker exploits safety requirement to protect its profits, loses in court

In case you missed it, the New York Times recently published a stunning report about Jazz Pharmaceuticals, which

Mar 6

Amidst consumer outrage, Eli Lilly finally cuts insulin prices

Perhaps the biggest news in health care – so far, in 2023 – is drugmaker Eli Lilly’s announcement that it would

Feb 15

Advocacy group finds major hospitals still not following price transparency rules

You have to hand it to PatientRightsAdvocate.org for holding hospitals accountable. Under a federal rule adopted on

Feb 15

Billed three times for three ER visits, woman sees doctor just once

Imagine going to a hospital emergency room and not seeing a doctor. It happened to Natasha Valle

Feb 6

The US spends more on health care — with worse outcomes — than other wealthy countries

The United States spends more on health care than other wealthy countries, but that doesn’t mean we are getting the

Feb 6

Ambulance rides? There’s a surprising amount of surprise billing…

You’ve heard about surprise bills for just about every health care service under the sun – but now

Jan 31

Struggling with inflation, rising household costs cause Americans to delay health care in record numbers

There’s no question that 2022 was a challenging year on the health care front. And now a new survey by Gallup

Jan 27

California to insulin manufacturers: Stop being so greedy

In the seemingly endless war against skyrocketing insulin prices, the state of California became the latest to join

Jan 23

Consolidation is the hottest trend in health care and consumers pay the price

If your physician’s clinic or local hospital has recently been purchased by a bigger player

Jan 13

Profits over patients? Doctors take issue with private investors’ staffing decisions

Thirty-three states plus the District of Columbia have laws and regulations keeping people who are not doctors from

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