Nov 1

Oregon immigrant and refugee communities work together for children’s health

Refugees and immigrants in Oregon have forged a new partnership, Multiethnic Advisory Group (MAG)

Oct 31

The skyrocketing Rx cost story you haven’t heard yet

Prescription drug increases are raising hospital bills. According to a new report from the American Hospital

Oct 26

New research suggests drug coupons drive up costs for all patients

Coupons and discount cards lead consumers to believe they can save money on prescription drug costs. The New York

Oct 25

Insulin prices are soaring and consumers stuck paying the bill

Americans who depend on insulin have been hit with skyrocketing costs. Insulin prices have more than doubled since

Oct 24

People are talking: “My Rx is unaffordable”

Voices for Affordable Health explained the “Fair Drug Pricing Act,” which would require drug manufacturers to

Oct 20

Father’s $40 charge for holding newborn unleashes avalanche of health care cost stories

Thousands of consumers are sharing their own health care stories about surprise hospital bills that – at best –

Oct 18

EpiPen maker reaches settlement over price increases

EpiPen maker Mylan announced it has reached a $465 million settlement agreement with the U.S.

Oct 13

CDC: Don’t wait to get your flu shot

Federal health officials are urging people to get a flu shot as soon as possible. The Centers for Disease Control and

Oct 12

New polls highlight Americans’ frustrations with rising prescription prices

Americans are frustrated with rising health care costs, and they blame drug companies for the increase. A majority of

Oct 11

Lawmakers introduce bills to make drug industry more transparent about price

Congress is responding to consumers’ calls for more transparency in prescription drug pricing by introducing

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