Paying for Paperwork

March 5, 2024

Are you prepared to pay your doctor for administrative tasks, such as filling out forms or answering emails?

According to Axios, physicians are overwhelmed with emails and paperwork, and many are now charging fees for these services. The shift to virtual care has only made things worse, as patients now expect to interact with their doctors online. Additionally, some plans prompt patients to seek alternatives to in-person visits, including messaging their doctors.

The rise in administrative fees aims to manage the influx of non-urgent requests. However, it also creates concerns about access and affordability for patients.

As primary care providers explore alternative payment models, patients may find themselves paying additional fees for access to their doctors. While these fees may ease the administrative burden on doctors, they raise questions about equity and affordability in health care.

Have you had to pay for an email with a doctor? What do you think about this payment model? Share with us here.