New report: Hospitals still hiding their prices from patients

October 20, 2022

Despite new federal rules intended to make hospitals more transparent and accountable, a new analysis by found some large hospitals are still not posting their complete price lists.

“By hiding prices, hospitals block consumers from being able to compare prices, shop for the best quality at the lowest cost, and reap significant savings on their healthcare,” the advocacy concluded in its October 2022 report. reports the hospital price transparency rule, which took effect in January 2021, requires hospitals to publish machine-readable price lists and display rates for medical services in a format that allows consumers to comparison shop for access and affordability. Health insurers are now required to disclose rates they negotiate with hospitals for certain procedures and services.

A February 2022 study by Patient Rights Advocate found just 14.3% of hospitals were compliant with the disclosure requirements. Federal regulators at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services complained that the results suggested “sub-optimal compliance” with the law. The agency increased fines for non-compliant hospitals.

However, the latest analysis shows the information is still not making it to consumers. In some cases, Patient Rights Advocate found prices for certain services were either omitted or marked “NA” on major hospitals’ websites.

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