Frustrated patient files $15 billion lawsuit against pharmaceutical drug industry

March 7, 2017

pills-1190217_1920Do you understand what goes into the price of a prescription medication? Most people don’t, including an Ohio man who filed a $15 billion class-action lawsuit accusing the pharmaceutical industry of conspiring to drive up the prices of drugs.

The unnamed man is an HIV/AIDS patient who spends more than $1,200 a month for Atripla, the Tribune News Service reports. The man has health insurance, but the lawsuit blames Express Scripts, a pharmacy benefits manager, saying it’s impossible for consumers to know the true cost of the drugs they are prescribed.

In their defense, pharmacy benefit managers say they work for consumers to negotiate prices and rebates with the pharmaceutical companies. Express Scripts represents 85 million members of 3,000 health plans.

“(We’re) able to pit drug companies against each other,” spokesman Brian Henry told the Tribune. “Like anything else in the marketplace, you’re better off when there’s competition.”

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