Five ways to lower your prescription drug costs

February 16, 2017

  1. pills-943764_1920Talk with your doctor. Ask your doctor whether a generic or lower-cost alternative would work just as well as the drug you’re taking or have been prescribed.
  2. Eliminate unnecessary drugs. Review your prescriptions with your doctor and pharmacist every six months to adjust dosages, eliminate duplicate or unnecessary drugs, and avoid drug interactions.
  3. Shop around. You may find significant savings simply by asking your pharmacy to match the prices of their competitors.
  4. Opt for a health insurance plan with expanded drug coverage. Calculate whether your savings will be offset by the higher premiums that typically come with such plans.
  5. Get guidance from government, private experts. Medicare and Social Security can help pay for drugs for those who meet certain income limits. AARP and other national and local organizations can also help with solutions.

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