Five reasons voters want politicians to tackle rising drug prices and why it’s so hard

September 30, 2016

Politics_0Health care may not be front and center in this year’s presidential campaign, but skyrocketing prescription drug prices are, Kaiser Health News reports.

Here are the top five reasons candidates are talking about drug costs and why it’s such a difficult problem to solve:

  1. Multiple, often unrelated reasons drive up drug costs. New so-called “blockbuster” drugs have higher price tags, sure. Companies also have bought older brands and raised prices to raise their profits.
  2. The drug price debate isn’t new. Congress has passed a number of laws since the 1970s trying to control the problem.
  3. It’s not clear what will fix the problem but it’s clear what will not. Analysts say allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices isn’t a solution, and capping patient copays will shift costs but won’t bring them down.
  4. Consumers want politicians to do something. Polling shows the American public is fed up with high prices.
  5. Big Pharma has clout in D. and state capitols. The industry enjoys strong lobbying power and knows how to use it.

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