Consumers voice concerns about prescription drug costs

March 3, 2017

Drug spend graphic 2_24_17approvedRising prescription drug costs are a top issue for consumers sharing their stories through Voices for Affordable Health. Here are some of your stories:

“My medications would cost me over $2,000 a month. I’m lucky at this point, but if they mess with Social Security – well, no medications for me, or a number of my friends,” writes Janice LaPlante.

“Most of us can barely pay our copayments,” she continues. “We try and stay with generic, but most of them are not on the generic list yet. If I need to go to the ER, what the hospital charges is out of control. It’s always $2,000 or more. All medication and medical supplies, anything to do with your health, is out of control.”

Some tell Voices they have been forced to make difficult decisions about whether they can afford to fill a prescription:

“During the past two years or so, I have slowly had to give up several of my medications. They are just too expensive for me to purchase,” writes Elishia Coe.

“I have asthma and have been prescribed Advair, but even after my insurance pays their share, it would still be nearly $200 a month out-of-pocket,” she adds. “My husband also has had to give up one of his medications for Diabetes because of the cost. We constantly have to be aware of how much a prescription will cost us before we get it filled.”

Others are shocked that a drug they have taken for years suddenly surges in price:

“I have Type 1 (formerly juvenile onset) Diabetes. I require insulin to stay alive. The cost has gone from $45/vial to close to $1,500/vial,” writes Kristina Blake. “The increase cannot be attributed to “new and improved” –there has been no change since about 2001.”

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