Colorado Wants to Import Cheaper Drugs; Big Pharma and Government Bureaucrats Don’t Like the Idea

March 29, 2024

We all know that prescription drugs cost too much. One state is trying to do something about it but with little success after nearly five yearsof trying.

Colorado wants to import prescriptions from Canada, where the same brands cost consumers dramatically less. For example, one month’s supply of the bone density drug Forteo costs an average of $3,906.62 in Colorado and $880.58 in Canada.

Unfortunately, as the Colorado Sun reports, the effort has met with a number of roadblocks.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis, who was optimistic about the plan, says there’s a stalemate between Colorado and the FDA, which wants more specifics of the program before approving it.

Another complication? Canadian wholesalers are reluctant to participate.

Colorado’s Department of Health Care Policy and Financing revealed that 22 of the 23 drugmakers who were asked to participate in the program declined. The wholesalers have agreements with the drugmakers that do not allow them to export products to the U.S., and they’re not willing to risk their business. They are also concerned about how this type of program could affect Canada’s drug supply chain.

The FDA has approved one state’s application for a similar program: Florida. While the application has been approved, Florida still isn’t importing affordable medications. Before it can, the state must submit a “pre-import request” to the FDA for every prescription drug it wants to import.

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