Americans worry about opioids and guns, but rising costs and Rx prices are the top health care concern

March 7, 2023

If Americans were writing the health care agenda for Congress or their state legislatures, what would they put at the top of the list?

A February 2023 survey by Axios/IPSOS American Health Index finds American voters want their elected representatives to tackle the rising costs of health care, particularly prescription drug prices.

The survey questioned 1,213 U.S. adults between Feb. 17 and Feb. 21. Responses showed:

  • When it comes to top health care concerns, guns and medical research tied for second place. 14% of those surveyed said they want their elected leaders to prioritize ways to reduce gun deaths. Another 14% named research that leads to cures and/or better treatment for major diseases as their top priority.
  • 7% said preventing deaths from overdoses and accidents was their top priority.
  • The largest segment, 50%, said their top health care priority for elected officials was: “Lowering costs for health care and prescription drugs.”

“Today in America, making ends meet is an increasing challenge, so the No. 1 health priority returns back to the overall priority for most Americans, being able to afford the basic necessities of life,” said Cliff Young, President of IPSOS Public Affairs, a global research company.

Voices for Affordable Health invites you to weigh in. What’s your top health care priority for elected officials? Do you have a story to share that might speed your elected representatives to action? Share your thoughts (and your selfies) with us!