facebook Snake bite nearly poisons one family’s bank account

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Snake bite nearly poisons one family’s bank account

Spending time in nature can be relaxing and refreshing. But for one young hiker, a day outdoors threatened to be deadly.

Kasier Health News recently reported the story of 9-year-old Oakley Yoder, who was walking through the Illinois wilderness with a group of fellow summer campers when she was bitten by a copperhead, a type of pit viper snake.

Oakley was airlifted to a hospital in Indiana, where she was treated with four vials of antivenin. Although she made a full recovery, her family later received what felt like another snake bite – a big medical bill.

The bill for Yoder’s treatment totaled $142,938 – more than most American families earn in a year. She was charged $67,957 for the antivenin and another $55,577 for the helicopter ride to the hospital.

Fortunately, her family’s insurance paid for most of the treatment and their out-of-pocket costs were only $3,476.89. Still, the story highlights that any of us can face surprise medical expenses as a result of almost any situation.

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