facebook High Rx costs got you down? Take the Voices survey and share your story

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High Rx costs got you down? Take the Voices survey and share your story

A recent Gallup survey found that most Americans (nearly 9 out of 10) believe the government should regulate price increases on prescription medications developed by taxpayer-funded research.

No surprise. A Voices for Affordable Health community survey underscores this result.

Doris, a home health nurse from southwest Idaho, shares: “Some of my patients have multiple medications. Some are exorbitantly expensive. So much so they can’t afford to eat the types of food their doctors say they need to help manage things like heart disease and diabetes. Even some really old medications used to be inexpensive, but now the prices have gone way up. There’s no reason for that.”

Patricia from Seattle told us: “My doctor just prescribed Motegrity…monthly cost for one month of 1 mg is around $465. If it doesn’t work, I’m out a car payment or food or half of an insurance payment!”

Holly from eastern Washington shared: “People, especially the elderly, should not have to make the difficult decision to pay the electric bill or get their meds refilled. The last seven months of my mom’s life, she paid over $11,000 for her monthly meds!”

Outrageous. Take a minute to complete our Voices for Affordable Health survey and share your story with us. Thank you to Holly, Patricia, Doris and all the others who are speaking out for lower Rx costs.