facebook Drug makers face consumer lawsuit over size of eye drops

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Drug makers face consumer lawsuit over size of eye drops

eye drops big pharma lawsuitConsumers who have sued drug makers over the size of eye drops will get their day in court.

Patients have sued four companies – Allergan, Bausch & Lomb, Merck and Pfizer – saying the companies purposely make the bottles’ opening too large, allowing too much medication to be dispensed, leaving wasted drops rolling down their faces.

When medication is wasted, it causes consumers more money. Redesigning the bottles would ultimately cut down on waste and cost.

The drug companies say the design of the bottles and drop size have been approved by the FDA, and it argued that consumers shouldn’t be able to sue in federal court. But the Supreme Court declined to pick up the case, so a lower-court ruling allowing the suit to proceed stands.

The size of eye drops might not seem like a big deal. And for routine drops, it might not be. But consider expensive glaucoma drops or other necessary medications, and each wasted drop represents money down the drain.

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