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Oregon coalition pushes for drug price transparency as Legislature convenes

As the skyrocketing prices of medication continues to be an ongoing source of outrage in the U.S. and in Oregon, a coalition of patients, doctors, consumers and others want to hold drug companies accountable by making drug prices more transparent.

Oregonians for Affordable Drug Prices Now is backing Oregon House Bill 4005, the Oregon Drug Price Transparency Act. The bill requires drug manufacturers that want to increase the price of a medication more than 10 percent a year to report it to the Oregon Department of Consumer Business Services.

Oregon coalition wants to make drug prices more transparent

Other provisions of the legislation would enable people to know which drug companies are raising prices and by how much, and give the public a say on drug prices through public hearings.

As the Oregon Legislature convenes this month, the coalition is mobilizing consumers to reach out to their state lawmakers through the coalition website. Check out the campaign and lend your voice.

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