facebook Big Pharma a top contender for lobbying influence in our nation’s capital

BIG PHARMA POLITICS: Consumers pressure politicians to do something about rising drug prices. Read More

Which industry exercises the strongest lobbying influence in our nation’s capital? Big Pharma among the top contenders

lobbying influence capitolAmericans think pharmaceutical drug-makers hold too much power over their elected leaders in Congress. A recent poll for the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 72 percent of U.S. consumers think the drug industry has too much sway in D.C. and in law and policymaking.

In contrast, 69 percent felt the powerbrokers on Wall Street enjoyed too much influence and 52 percent who think the NRA has too much power.

Only corporations, identified in the survey as “large businesses,” outranked Big Pharma, with 76 percent saying they have too much influence in Washington.

Meanwhile, the survey found that drug prices is one of the policy areas where U.S. consumers have strong consensus. Eighty percent of us think drug prices are too high.

Unfortunately, we have little faith that our leaders will do anything to reverse the trend. Fifty-two percent said lowering drug costs should be the top priority for President Trump and Congress but only 39 percent said they were confident leaders would deliver a solution.

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