facebook Americans are still struggling to pay medical bills

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Americans are still struggling to pay medical bills

A new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the number of people struggling to pay medical bills has actually fallen by 5.5 percentage points since 2011. However, more than 14.2 percent of Americans still had problems paying their bills in 2018.

While the needle is moving in the right direction, that’s a large number of Americans who can’t make ends meet because of high medical bills.

Some people are more likely to struggle than others, such as women, children and black Americans.

  • Women (14.7 percent)
  • Children (16.2 percent)
  • Black Americans (20.6 percent)

For those under age 65, people without health insurance were unsurprisingly more likely to have problems covering medical bills than those with Medicaid or private insurance.

“Families with problems paying medical bills may experience serious financial consequences, such as having problems with paying for food, clothing, or housing, and filing for bankruptcy,” said the report’s authors.

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