facebook More Americans are skipping their diabetes meds because they’re too expensive

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More Americans are skipping their diabetes meds because they’re too expensive

New government data shows that people are being forced to ration their diabetes drugs because of the rising cost of insulin.

Stat News reports that 13 percent of adults who were prescribed a diabetes medication in the past 12 months either skipped a dose, took fewer doses, or delayed refilling their prescription because they couldn’t afford it. Twenty-four percent asked their doctor about a lower-cost alternative.

The data also show that women were more likely than men to skip a medication, but both were equally likely to seek a cheaper alternative. The new report was released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and highlights the pressure, and danger, Americans face because of high drug costs.

As examples, the Huffington Post points to Jesimya David Scherer-Radcliff, 21, and Nicole Smith-Holt, 26, who both died after skipping insulin doses they could no longer afford.

The CDC report is the third in a series showing how people respond when prescription drug prices rise. They found that the uninsured are most likely to skip medications — 35.7 percent of non-elderly adults with no health coverage reported not filling a prescription because they simply couldn’t afford it. High out-of-pocket costs on drugs are an increasingly reality for more Americans as prices keep rising. If you’ve had to skip a prescription because the price of a drug was simply too expensive, share your voice.