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The $75 band aid

$629 Band-Aid U.S. Health CareVoices for Affordable Health regularly asks consumers to share how they’ve been personally affected by rising health care costs. We believe our elected leaders will not act until they truly understand how high costs affect real people.

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Today, we want to share a few recent stories that stand out:

“I was charged $75 for a band aid,” says Sharon P. of Washington State. “They called it an ‘infection control device.’ I asked them to remove it from my bill and they reduced it to $5.00, which was still exorbitant to me. I notified my insurance company who forced them to write it off entirely.”

Think a $75 band aid is outrageous?

Arlene M. of Idaho writes: “I was charged $304 for one pill.  My part to pay was $50.00.  The hospital would not or could not tell me how much they paid for that pill.”

We also received a number of heart-breaking stories similar to Carol B. from Utah:

“I am a retired nurse of 35 years’ service. Now a Type 2 diabetic. Will never have a good retirement or long life due to the cost of insulin. So sad really, always thought Medicare would take care of me. But NO, have to decide whether to buy food or meds. Disgraceful.”

Disgraceful indeed.

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