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Michelle Van Aken

Current Rx pricing system makes no sense

I take a biologic medication for an autoimmune disorder. I inject this medication weekly. The cost of this medication is a little over $4,000 for four weeks of shots. It has been approved for use for 20 years, but there has been no generic in the US despite other countries having a “biosimilar” drug available.

I think we should be able to purchase medications from other countries and allow negotiation of drug prices rather than one drug company setting the price, keeping the patent and never being offered a less expensive choice.

The pharmaceutical company does provide support for the payment of this drug and with the use of my insurance, I have paid a $10 copay. It makes no sense that the pharmaceutical company would set the price and then bill my insurance for their payment, accept my insurance payment and my $10 copay and then charge someone else and their insurance an entirely different amount for the same drug

“I think we should be able to purchase medications from other countries”