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Calvin Arnaston

Our health care system needs more transparency

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I went to an ophthalmologist for a problem with retinal detachments. I had a number of them and I was going relatively often. From one visit to the next, the price more than doubled.

I asked the doctor what the problem was. Why was it suddenly so much more? He said: ‘Well that is what is charged in the city.”

And then he said: “You don’t really need to worry about that, your company pays 80% of that and I’m willing to forgive the other 20%.”

I realized at that moment that I didn’t want anything to do with that. It was possible for him to double the price without any transparency. It shouldn’t be that way.

There’s an enormous amount of waste in the system and we, as users, are eventually the ones who end up paying the bill.

“One visit to the next, the price more than doubled.”